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500S Series General type Vector Inverters

500S Series General type Vector Inverters

Product Features:

  1. Using the latest generation of TI high speed motor control speciaI DSP, and innovatively use the three-core processing technology platform. Ultra high speed operation to ensure complete implementation of complex vector calculations.
  2. A new generation of non PG vector control, using advanced motor model algorithm, the open loop torque control is realized by closed loop algorithm.Torque response 10ms, steady state accuracy≤5%. Speed ratio up to 1:200. Steady state speed accuracy 0.2%. 0.5Hz output 180% rated torque.
  3. PG Vector Control. Closed loop torque control, support the switching of torque and speed control online, realize Zero servo control of frequency converter. 0Hz output 180% rated torque. Steady state speed accuracy up to 0.02%, Dynamic response time <10ms.
  4. Standard products all using Conformal Coating process, at the same time on the occasions of humidity or dust, can also provide protection to strengthen treatment measures, in order to meet the requirements of long-term stable operation in a more harsh environment.
  5. Full range of over current, over voltage, overload suppression and stall prevention function. Perfect power-on self-test function, wide voltage range design. Take the lead using a new generation of Infineon IGBT module, with higher reliability.
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