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2020 variable speed drives sales will exceed $250

Time: 2015-04-05 20:26:20source: author:admin

2020 variable speed drives sales will exceed $250

According to Technavio's latest report shows that at this stage to 2020 global variable speed drive market will be 8% compound annual growth rate of development, by 2020 its market value will reach $253.

According to Technavio's latest report shows that at this stage to 2020 global variable speed drive market will be 8% compound annual growth rate of development, by 2020 its market value will reach $253. The analysis suggests that the reason for the prosperity and development of the market is to optimize the production process and monitor the energy consumption to reduce the operation cost.

The report will be divided into three main parts of the global drive market, namely AC drive, DC drive and servo drive. The report also pointed out that in 2015 the exchange driven market dominant position, accounting for more than 84% of the total revenue. In the forecast period, the dominant position of the AC drive will continue.

In the application, the use of AC drive up to pump control. AC drives can reduce the high capital and infrastructure spending industries such as metals and mining industry, the oil and gas industry, cement manufacturing industry, paper making industry, power generation industry, wind power industry, sewage treatment industry and shipping industry of energy consumption.

According to the report, the use of variable speed drive, including: the use of wind turbines and pumps can save energy; achieve better process control and system control; better to accelerate or slow down the equipment; reduce maintenance costs. In addition, the variable speed driver also has the function of power factor compensation, safety acceleration, preventing overload current and emergency bypass.

"Demand for industrial automation is one of the key drivers of global variable speed drives market growth." Technavio tools and components chief analyst Ajaykumar Anju said, "manufacturers are increasingly using automation to improve quality, safety, productivity and speed of each operation. In addition, automation will help them enhance market competitiveness and reduce costs."

The report said that the changing needs of the end user has also stimulated the development of advanced suppliers to develop the drive. Report to INDVS 500 series inverter as an example. The inverter uses 32 bit high performance DSP processor to improve the process capability of the control algorithm. The response speed of starter is 600 Hz, 3 times faster than other general inverter market speed, starting torque is increased by 2 times.

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